Hi, I’m Caitlin & I’m so glad you’ve found your way to my cozy corner of the web!


Three years ago, a debilitating illness whisked me away from my life as a passionate, yet thoroughly exhausted elementary school teacher. It has been in this time tucked away from the outside world that I rediscovered my love of writing and became a graduate of Martha Beck’s life coach training program.


I’m a sensitive soul & I have officially relinquished my title of Master Silver Linings Finder in order to embrace & truly honor the full experience of life.


The struggle and the growth.

The frustration and the peace.

The devastation and the beauty.

The doubt and the hope.

The heartbreak and the love.

That way, right on time, the silver linings can emerge on their own.

And this is where I share a little slice of my story, that it may help you to see yourself and your own life through glittering eyes of love.


Day by day,

I’m doing my best to embrace the mystery,

honor the experience,

embrace myself with the love & kindness I deserve,

and celebrate the extraordinary nature of ordinary things

as I live this one beautiful & genuine life that’s right in front of me.


It’s an extraordinary quest, with a path that unfolds one moment at time.


And I hope you’ll join me!


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