The One with the FRIENDS-style Flashback

Just in case you haven’t already heard…FRIENDS is on Netflix!Friends photo cornersI’ve watched, I’ve laughed, and I’ve been inspired to do a quick Friends-style flashback to ten of my favorite blog posts from last year.  Here they are; click through and enjoy!


The One with the Kindest Thing


The One Where Caitlin Chooses “And”


The One Where Dino Has to Take a Few Steps Back


The One with the 27 Lessons


The One Where Her Dad Gives Life His All


The One Where it’s Between the Ears


The One with the Power of Now


The One with the Unexpected Messenger


The One with the Blog Tour


The One with the Story that Started it All


I’d love to hear which is your favorite, as well as what you’d like to read about in future posts!  Email me or join the discussion over on the Facebook page.


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