The Unexpected Messenger

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The story begins with resentment.

Doesn’t sound like a very positive place to start, does it?  Just give me a minute, and you’ll see where it leads.

I watched with envy as people walked out of the store, while I sat in the passenger seat of the car, waiting for my mom to return.

I felt terrible for resenting these people, these strangers.  But I did.  I resented their ability to enter the store.  I resented their good health.  I resented the way they moved with ease.

“They can move so freely and they don’t even know how lucky they are,” I bitterly thought to myself.

And with that, something shifted.


Good health feels like freedom.


I’ve known that I want to be healthy.  Getting well has been the goal all along, the treasured prize that I long for.

But that day I realized my desire for good health runs even deeper.

You see, it’s not just about health.  It’s about the space and endless possibilities that good health creates: opportunity, ease, and freedom.

So while I’m thankful for what my body is able to do (even when I wish it could do more) and for the healthy future I have faith lies ahead…

Today I am thankful for the unexpected messenger, that resentment, which led me to discover some of my soul’s truest desires: feelings of ease and freedom.


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