Writing: A Blog Tour, Part One

I just jumped aboard a blog tour train!  So that means, this week I’m sharing some personal reflections about writing and next week, I will introduce you to three other lovely people with blogs!  Here are my answers to the blog tour questions – journal style.


I’m currently working on developing a friendly relationship with my inner critic; the kind where I can consider whether or not it has something valuable to say and can also firmly but kindly tell it when to take a hike!  For me right now, it’s all about embracing and working with the natural flow of the creative process.  And as I do this, various ideas for projects: books, articles, blog posts, e-courses, retreats, workshops, etc. keep appearing in my mind like a rabbit out of a magician’s hat.  There are far more than I can keep up with actually completing in my present health situation but I welcome them all with delight and write them down, grateful to be generating a collection that I know will be there when I’m ready.

My writing is all about fully experiencing life first and taking the time to describe and articulate the meaning of my experiences second.  I love taking a closer look at the seemingly ordinary aspects of life, the small or simple things, because I’ve found that that’s where the truly extraordinary nature of life can be discovered.  It helps me stay on the look out for the good stuff in life so it’s kind of like a treasure hunt – except that it’s often one where the treasure is hidden in plain sight.

I love to write.  And I write what I write because it creates a safe space for me to process my life experiences, to make meaning, to find healing, to experience growth, and to share in the journey of life and love with everyone around me.

I write anytime during the day when the mood strikes but here is a short description of my morning routine.  I start my day with a short breathing meditation that helps me feel relaxed and grounded.  Then I sit quietly in my comfy navy chair, often with my dog on my lap, while I sip some coffee.  I let ideas for what to write about that day surface gently for awhile and usually about halfway through my cup of coffee, I’m up, over at the computer typing away. I let the ideas flow through me, joyfully crafting each sentence.  And once it stops feeling flowy and fun, when the forced feeling starts to set in or when I feel to exhausted to continue, I stop.  And as Panache Desai recommends with his analogy of writing as water that flows through the writer, I am thankful for whatever message flowed through me onto the page that day.  Whether it be a few drops, a bucketful, or enough to fill a swimming pool, I give thanks for the writing itself, and for the experience of creating it.


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2 thoughts on “Writing: A Blog Tour, Part One

  1. thanks for inviting me to the tour Caitlin … I enjoyed reading the 3 you shared with me, and I look forward to seeing what turns up in my own exploration of ‘why I write’ :-)

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