Thankful Thursday: Messages from People I Love

Today I received a card in the mail.

I knew it would be special the second I saw the edge of this stamp poking out from the middle of a small stack of mail that was piled in my mailbox.

nemo stamp

You see, this stamp has become kind of a signature.  It’s the stamp of my cousin’s love, meant to remind me of the fun she, my brother, and I had when we went to go see the movie Finding Nemo in theaters.

Inside the envelope I found a beautiful card.

Inside the beautiful card I found hand written messages from each of my family members that live in Mexico, Missouri.

And inside the hand written messages I found a sense of hope, of faith, and of love.

I’m thankful for the people I love, who wrote the messages, that were brought in the card, that was sealed in the envelope, with the Nemo stamp that made its journey possible.

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