Thankful Thursday: An Irish Folksong

Walking up the stairs from taking Dino out for his evening bathroom break, music flowed out of my neighbors open window.  I was surprised to hear the tune of “The Parting Glass.”  I didn’t know other people my age even knew that song!

“But since it fell unto my lot, that I should rise, and you should not…I’ll gently rise, and softly call, goodnight and joy be to you all.”  My eyes well up with tears and  I sing the song quietly to myself as I enter my apartment.

Images begin to flow through my mind and I suddenly feel like I’m in three different places at once.

I’m cozy in the living room watching the end of the movie Waking Ned Devine with my family on the big red couch.

I’m wearing a black dress, sitting in a church pew at my dad’s memorial service, watching pictures of my beautiful family flash across the screen in a special slideshow.

I’m sitting in front of my computer listening to the song over and over, allowing it to help me grieve.

So today I’m thankful for this song and I’m thankful for music.  For the way it transports us, and the way it touches our souls, helping us express what we cannot articulate with words.


And just in case you’re curious and now want to listen to the song on YouTube…

The Parting Glass

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